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Gary Soloman-Principal

Learning music helps connect the creativity that exists in all of us, to one’s inner joy. It provides a lifelong outlet and focus for learning, discovery and skill development whilst nurturing the creative spirit”- Gary Soloman

Modern Life Music School specialises in teaching Vocals, Guitar and electric Bass for all ages. 

The School was founded in Brunswick in 2001 by Gary Soloman, a second location was established at Narbethong in regional Victoria in 2012. He has taught literally hundreds of people of all ages with some going on to developing successful careers in the musical theatre and the popular music industry, whilst others have simply gained the joy of learning and playing music.

Tailored individual music programs are provided depending on goals and skill level. Combining practical skill development and foundation music basics to provide each person with a holistic approach to learning music in a comprehensive teaching program.

Gary Soloman’s musical performance and teaching career spans over 30 years. He has released eight albums of original music with Tallulah Lacey in popular Australian duo  "Soloman and Lacey"and has performed throughout Australia and internationally with top Australian and International artists.

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